“All it takes is one song to bring back one thousand memories…”

Do I need to have a certain budget to use Tie The Note?

Not at all, we can work within all budgets.

The cost of booking live musicians varies widely across the wedding music industry, mainly due to level of experience, demand, repertoire, and additional services included.

We feel it is important to reassure you that there are great musicians available within every budget. However, we will never pay our musicians less than the Musician’s Union standard rate.

Solo musicians & daytime acts from £450+
String Quartets from £750+
Roaming Bands from £750+
Bands (3-Piece through to 20-Piece) from £1,200 – £15,000
DJs from £500+

Why might I need a wedding music planner?

Emily takes a personalised approach to each enquiry, because requirements and tastes vary greatly. Music is both so powerful and so personal.

Tie The Note work with solo musicians, ensembles, bands and DJs, so we are able to offer packages to save time and money. This means that you only have one point of contact to liaise with from booking through to wedding day, which keeps things nice and simple.

Knowing where to start your search for wedding musicians can be overwhelming. It’s disappointing to spend hours searching the internet for your dream wedding band, only to find they are unavailable or over budget, then be back at square one. Tie The Note solve this problem by doing the work for you, we only recommend artists who are available for your date and budget.

Perhaps you are looking for something unique, but you’re not quite sure what, and would like some inspiration. We have an endless list of incredible suggestions for you!

Or maybe you aren’t sure what would work at your venue. You’re overwhelmed by the seemingly never ending list of questions about logistics; sound engineers, sound checks, sound limiters, technical requirements, PA system, PLI Insurance, PAT certificates, parking, rider, green room, load in, etc. Tie The Note will answer your questions and organise everything for you.

How do you charge for your service?

If you choose not to book any of the artists recommended, you aren’t required to pay a penny. This is a complimentary obligation-free service.

A small finding fee, which is included in your quote. The quotes you receive will be within the budget you have set, and there is nothing added on top of that (unless you opt for any of our additional services). The price you see is the total price you will pay.

Why can’t I search through profiles of musicians and bands on your website?

There’s nothing worse than finding your dream band or musician only to find they are unavailable or completely out of budget. Everything we do is behind the scenes, to save you time and overwhelm, and make sure the service we provide is 100% personalised.

Once we hear from you, we will be in touch straight away to listen to your requirements, build a picture of what you’re looking for, and use our expert knowledge to recommend the musicians we think would be perfect for you.

This way, you receive an exact quote for each artist and a description of the service they can offer you.

What makes Tie The Note different to other music agencies?

Tie The Note is purely focused on music for weddings, so our expertise are wedding focused. We offer a personal, bespoke service, and can curate the musical backdrop for your entire wedding day, from first look to last dance. Liaising with one point of contact for all acts you book saves you time and keeps things nice and simple.

Most agencies or event companies have a limited selection of bands and artists on their roster, or on the opposite end of the spectrum, they have so many musicians on their books that quality control is impossible. Tie The Note handpick only the very best musicians, from all over the UK and abroad, based on our years of expertise and ongoing personal relationships with artists and agencies. This way, our options are unlimited, quality controlled, and we can ensure every booking is tailored according to the requirements of each individual.

We feel it’s important for you to communicate with a person rather than a system when it comes to organising such an important day. We believe this results in a more enjoyable, time efficient and trustworthy experience.

What experience does Emily have that makes her the best person for this job?

Emily is a former professional musician, an experienced booking agent and a past-bride!

Emily’s experience performing in the world’s finest concert halls, luxury hotels, castles, pop festivals, rock venues, nightclubs means that she understands what works at any venue across the UK; acoustics, space and sound limitations, and which wedding artists might match your musical tastes.

Emily has blazed a unique musical path moving between the classical world, teaching music, and touring with a pop-rock band, and has performed at hundreds of events and weddings over the years. Not only has Emily performed at these events, she has taken charge of the booking process, and over the course of her 10 year career, Emily has learnt everything you’d need to know to ensure a wedding runs smoothly.

Since graduating from The Royal College of Music in London, Emily moved into a career as a performing musician and teacher. Emily taught the piano, singing and brass instruments at schools across London, and graced the stages of prestigious venues such as The Royal Albert Hall, The Roundhouse, Carnegie Hall and The Lincoln Centre NYC. She has also performed with her band for 7 years across the UK, Europe and the United States, playing at events such as Glastonbury Festival, The London Olympics, Cannes Film Festival and London Jazz Festival.

Having focused entirely on the wedding scene for the past few years, Emily has made it her mission to build a network of the most high-end, eclectic roster of musicians perfect for wedding ceremonies and receptions. Tie The Note is your key to unlocking this unique network.

How can I be confident booking a band or musician I’ve never seen perform?

We understand it’s difficult, and we will do all we can to reassure you that the musicians we recommend are wonderfully talented and at the top of their profession. Emily is a former professional musician, with years of performance experience behind her in various aspects of the music industry, and you can rest assured that all recommendations come with a professional stamp of approval.

In addition to this, you can watch videos and read testimonials from past bookings. We are all making ‘blind’ booking decisions daily, when using websites such as Trip Advisor or Air BnB, where our decisions are guided by previous customer experience. As with these websites, you can read previous client reviews, and you have the additional reassurance of our personal approval of any musician on our books.

What is included in the service I receive?

Access to an unlimited roster of the UK’s top professional musicians. 

    • A unique and unmatched service, offering personal guidance and support throughout the whole process.
    • We find out about the venue requirements and limitations on behalf of you. We offer advice on how your selection of artists might depend on sound restrictions or sound limiters in place at your venue, stage size, performance space and acoustics. Style and size of bands will be affected by all these things.
    • We can advise on timings for the day. We offer advice on duration of performance and suggested set times/breaks, and how much time to allow for set up and soundchecks to maximise the enjoyment for yourselves and your guests. 
    • We liaise with your venue or wedding planner on behalf of you to ensure all provisions (food, PA, sound limiters, extension leads, etc) and logistics are in place, and set to run smoothly. 
    • We discuss the visual aspect of the performance with you – artist dress code, stage setup, lighting, decor, etc.
    • PLI Insurance for all artists (required by most venues)
    • PAT certificates for all electronic equipment (required by most venues)
    • Lighting, PA and Sound Engineer (when necessary, unless otherwise noted)
    • We cover all booking forms and payments for you, and keep your deposits safe.
    • An information document will be sent to you, the artist and the venue/planner four weeks before your wedding date, which will note all the details of the day, and contact numbers.
    • We can organise last minute replacements if for any reason an artist has to cancel (this is unlikely, but as with anything, unforeseen circumstances such as illness might arise). If agreed by you, we send out an SOS to our entire network of artists and find you the best alternatives.

How does the booking process work?

A non-refundable deposit and signed booking contract is required in order to secure the booking, and the remaining balance is due 28 days prior to your wedding date. An invoice is issued for the deposit and balance, and payment is via online bank transfer.

Why do you provide the artists’ real names and direct websites? What’s to stop me cutting out Tie The Note and directly contacting the artists myself? 

We feel it’s important to be transparent about the acts we recommend, so that you can have a proper browse on the internet, and find out all you need to about them (their eating habits on Instagram, etc !) to feel more confident about your decision to have them as part of your big day.

We have a lovely working relationship with these artists, who are grateful for repeated work from us. We consider our network a community and the music industry is held together by connections and the knowledge that everyone is a friend of a friend. Therefore, if you contact the artists directly, they will simply ask you to complete the booking through Tie The Note. We’d hope that you will feel that you’d like to book with us after we have worked hard to match you with your perfect act, and will benefit from the security of booking with us and the additional services listed too.

Do your musicians have insurance?

Every artist we work with will be in possession of public liability insurance and all equipment will be PAT tested. Certificates can be supplied to your venue.

What happens if the artist I book falls ill, or can’t make it on the day?

This is unlikely, but as with anything, unforeseen circumstances such as illness may arise. We can organise last minute replacements if for any reason an artist has to cancel. Once agreed by you, we send out an SOS to our entire network of artists and find you the best alternative act.

I have an idea for my wedding, but I’m not sure if it’s been done before or if it’s possible, can you help?

If you can imagine it, we can create it. We can work with your vision. No matter how bizarre or extravagant, we have the contacts and experience to bring any concept to life!

What additional services do you provide?

    • One of our most popular services is the arrangements service. Does your future husband or wife have a favourite song? Would you like us to re-write that song for you in a bespoke arrangement? We have a team of musicians who specialise in arranging your favourite music for ANY combination of instruments or singers. This is a lovely little extra, and is often used as a surprise from a spouse/parent. Please feel free to enquire with your ideas! Every one is unique.
    • If you’d like to arrange a meeting in person, for a relaxed chat over coffee, we will arrange this wherever and whenever is convenient for you, for a small fee. 
    • We can send one of our Tie The Note representatives to coordinate the artists on your big day. Let us take the stress out of the organisation. We can liaise with your venue or wedding planner to create an effective vision that coincides with your theme and aesthetic choices. We will be there to stage-manage all of the music so you can sit back and enjoy every moment with your family and friends.
    • If you have an idea for a concept that you don’t think exists already, we can work with you to bring this to life. If you can imagine it, we can create it. No matter how bizarre or extravagant, we have the contacts and experience to make anything possible.

    • Tie The Note also offer full production services, and can work with your chosen aesthetic. Staging, lighting, costumes and dress code. We can work with fashion designers to ensure the musicians match your wedding vision, and event producers to combine themes, choreography and the full stage experience.
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