Meet Emily


“A little wedding fairy!” Jayde Wells, Bride

“My job is to curate the perfect selection of musicians for your wedding day. I’m here to add a little magic, and take away a lot of stress!

As a former professional musician myself, I really enjoyed planning the music for my wedding day, and now I love doing the same for others.

It brings me such joy to be able to curate a day where moments and emotions are accompanied by music, and to know that in the future, music will have the power to transport you back to these beautiful memories.

There’s so much to be explored, and I can’t wait to get creative with you!

Emily x”

Emily’s experience performing in the world’s finest concert halls, luxury hotels, castles, pop festivals, rock venues, street festivals and nightclubs, means that she understands what works at any venue across the UK; acoustics, space and sound limitations, and which wedding artists might match your musical tastes.

Emily is a former professional musician, an experienced booking agent and a past-bride! Emily has blazed a unique musical path moving between the classical world, teaching music, and touring with a pop-rock band, and has performed at hundreds of events and weddings over the years.

Since graduating from The Royal College of Music in London, Emily moved into a career as a performing musician and teacher. Emily taught the piano, singing and brass instruments at schools across London, and graced the stages of prestigious venues such as The Royal Albert Hall, The Roundhouse, Carnegie Hall and The Lincoln Centre NYC. She has also performed with her band for 7 years across the UK, Europe and the United States, playing at events such as Glastonbury Festival, The London Olympics, Cannes Film Festival and London Jazz Festival.

Since focusing purely on the wedding scene for the past few years, Emily has made it her mission to build a network of the most high-end, eclectic roster of musicians perfect for wedding ceremonies and receptions. Tie The Note is your key to unlocking this unique network.

“Forget what you know about wedding bands, the recommendations you receive from Emily will make you want to book an entire music festival!” Mike, Groom.

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